Company Profile

About V-Rooms

V-Rooms™, a division of Vault Rooms, Inc. (a Texas corporation), is an Internet-based, on-demand document management, document repository and file hosting service designed to speed the completion of financial transactions. Our virtual data rooms enable worldwide clients on a 24/7/365, to accelerate complex, information-intensive business transactions and processes. Our document repositories reduce the time and expenses associated with data distribution, courier, printing and travel.

Prior to our virtual data room and document repository technology, information had to be printed, faxed, emailed, photocopied or mailed overnight. With all these extra steps, information and deal security had a greater chance of being compromised.

V-Rooms™ Virtual Data Rooms utilizes the highest levels of data encryption technology, client driven user entitlement rights and access management to provide a secure platform. Our secure document management platform supports corporate management, accountants, lawyers, investment bankers and other advisors involved in various transactions. These parties will have the ability to effectively and rapidly create, distribute and share all necessary documents.

We support and enhance our technology offering with Client Care Specialists available 24/7 to offer a turnkey implementation process for capturing, uploading, managing, and organizing documents, while managing user access and producing a variety of activity and audit reports.