Your Secure Solution for Managing Multiple Corporate Projects

The traditional workplace is changing. With people working on projects in different cities and even countries, the ability to securely exchange information is more important than ever. To meet the demands of this new, global workplace, corporate clients are turning to V-Rooms™ virtual data rooms as a way to communicate and share sensitive information while working on transactions and ongoing projects or implementing corporate repositories.

Key Benefits for our Corporate Clients Include:

  • Streamlined and customized communication between your company and outside parties
  • Control over who views, prints and saves information with our digital rights management tools
  • Watermarking on each page with the time, date and identity of the person accessing your information
  • Reduced amount of paperwork shared and manual processes used to manage critical information
  • Manage and distribute legal documents securely and efficiently

Virtual Data Rooms can be Utilized for a Variety of Corporate Projects

Features are what set V-Rooms™ apart from our other virtual data room competitors. Our pricing structure is simple and straightforward so you know exactly what you are paying for with no surprises.