Secure File Sharing and Document Storage

Secure file storage and secure file sharing can be of utmost importance to a company that is trying to complete a lucrative deal. Because there can be potentially thousands of files that need to be securely shared, people should consider using a virtual data room to manage important documents.

When a new deal is about to begin, companies need to be sure that they have control over who is viewing what files and when they are accessed. Secure file storage and secure file sharing with a virtual data room gives companies that control. If the due diligence process is carried out incorrectly, it could cost time, money, and possibly the loss of a deal or transaction. By choosing a virtual data room, secure file storage is completed upon either upload or download of documents and they can be shared securely by restricting security levels of users by the group administrators.

Benefits of Using V-Rooms for Secure File Sharing

Virtual data rooms allow files to be uploaded, shared and organized for hundreds or thousands of users. Because secure file sharing is so important, virtual data rooms give administrators the ability to restrict what files can be seen by what users through different security levels. This way, you know that the most confidential financial information is secure and will only be viewed by the people you choose.

In addition to files that need to be shared and stored securely, virtual data rooms can also host a variety of other file types. If you have images of receipts, purchase orders, invoices, and more that need to be securely shared, a virtual data room can solve that problem. Emailing information back and forth can be confusing and vital information can be lost due to unsecure servers or human error. Files will be securely shared due to a virtual data room’s encryption services and reinforced firewalls. Setup of a virtual data room can be completed within hours, so there will virtually no delay for you and your users. When you are ready to securely share your files, they are immediately available to your selected users after they are uploaded.

Industries That Need Secure Document Sharing and Storage

Business is without a doubt globally focused. Companies no longer have offices and consultants in different cities; they are located in entirely different parts of the world. This scattering of employees and potential customers or buyers can make it next to impossible to ensure all files are secure. Using a virtual data room can help alleviate this issue. Regardless of your industry or location, a virtual data room can store and share all your files securely.

or location, a virtual data room can store and share all your files securely. Files can be securely shared and stored for industries such as these:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Life Sciences
  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital
  • Private Placement Memorandums
  • Litigation

Your files will be securely stored with our customizable security features. There is no need to worry about who will be able to see your files. With a V-Rooms virtual data room, administrators will have the ability to control who has access to what files. By offering this multi tier permission level structure, you can even restrict parts of a document from certain users. V-Rooms also offers activity tracking reports so you can see when and where your files were accessed.

How V-Rooms Ensures That Your Files Are Secure

In addition to security measures administrators can take, virtual data rooms take comprehensive steps to make sure all information is securely stored. This way, your files will not be accessed without your knowledge. By securely managing your files and customizing settings for users, you will have control over who will see what information. With 128-bit Data Encryption, uninterrupted power supply, continuous data backup and comprehensive security monitoring you will not have to worry about your files being lost or corrupted. We are a SAS 70 compliant data center and have met the standards set forth by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Our services have been audited at the highest level to ensure your files will be securely stored and managed when you are ready to complete your deal.

  • Fast Setup – Provide complete setup of worksite within hours
  • Easy Upload – Upload hundreds of files/folders into a secure departmental structure within minutes
  • Simple User Creation – Activate hundreds of employees and outside parties with unique security levels
  • Activity Tracking – Provide management with granular reporting of file and employee activity
  • Superior Security – Blind any file/folder from view that is not associated with appropriate individuals
  • Confidential Watermarks – Watermark critical documents for protection of sensitive information
  • Multi-level Administration – Offer multi-level corporate and department administrators
  • Excellent Support – Provide 24/7 Help and Support Desk


Step 1 – Setup your V-Roomsgroup account within hours.

Step 2 – Rapid upload of hundreds of folders, files and usernames

Step 3 – Begin working, while tracking all activity.


Proprietary document repositories often feature all-or-nothing security – that is, a user either has permission to access the entire document repository, and all of its contents, or none of it. At best, a user may be granted access permissions on the directory level. Virtual data rooms provide multi-tier file access permission levels, enabling administrators to control access at the individual file level, if desired. In addition, secure document sharing permission can be granted to view, but not print files, or to upload files, but not delete them.

Another important security-related feature of a document repository is the ability to enable access by outside parties. Document repositories are collaborative by definition. So it is not uncommon for external stakeholders to require access to a company’s internal knowledge base. Understandably, IT staffs are generally reluctant to grant permission to non-employees to access their servers, and as a result, document repositories are sometimes stored outside a company’s firewall. Virtual data rooms provide high levels of security while enabling easy access by any authorized party, which facilitates easy collaboration on projects, communication between multiple stakeholders, etc.

Document repositories are important elements in an enterprise’s information strategy. They serve as central locations for employees’ knowledge, increase efficiency and represent a source of competitive advantage, especially in knowledge-intensive fields. The features of a virtual data room, such as increased organization, convenience and security make them excellent platforms for an enterprise level online document repository.

Sample Data Room Solution

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